Collaboration with Sanjay.

This is a revision of our AR project. The AR package that we used (Fritz AI) was unreliable with pose estimation, so we scrapped AR. Within the timescope that we had to revise it, we change to web brower instead (not enough time to try webAR).

We got Mixamo to work with the 3D model by fixing/reducing the geometry/mesh. The 3D model does a punching animation. We rendered the animation to images, then played the images onto p5js like a sprite.

The 3D model appears when the person strikes a pose. In addition, the piano soundtrack plays. These are references to the show: "Jojo's Bizzare Adventure" (pose that was referenced)

(pose and the stand referenced)

(3D model image appears and starts punching when person poses)

(punching animation done in mixamo)

(3D model done in blender)