Time is not shown because angle does not pass through the actual time angle 

Initially, I had a large range of ideas that I wanted to portray in my clock - my "word bank" of ideas that I had included: time as something relative and personal, time as a "regulated" and measurable amount, linear vs non-linear forms of time, time as an accumulation of information/stories/ideas, and the juxtaposition of a personal journey of time with a societal construction of time. This led me to the idea of utilizing pendulums to represent the relativity of time to oneself in the various roles that one had in their lives, in juxtaposition to a "societal" construct of time (aka our 24 hour day). In this original idea, I had envisioned the center of a double pendulum "true you", the first mass stemming from the center your "role", and the second mass at the end of both pendulums as the "external factor". For example, my center would be "true Vicky", my first mass would be "sister", and my second mass would be "Allen" (my brother.) Another example would be "design student" as my first mass, and "Carnegie Mellon University: School of Design" as my second mass. Then, using my relatively perception of how I believed I was progressing or "moving", as an individual in that role, would influence how "crazily" that pendulum spun. The several "roles" I play in my life, however, would be juxtaposed with "societal time" as a pendulum that would move based on a 24 hour clock. I struggled a great deal and spent a large amount of time trying to figure out a class system of pendulums that would move at different accelerations, but managed to figure it out.

However, in the end, I decided to scrap the idea of having multiple random pendulums move at seemingly arbitrary hours, and instead opted for (to Golan's great recommendation), of having my double pendulums bounce randomly, but have it tell glimpses of real time if the first angle of the double pendulum pass by the correct "angle" at which that time were to be. When it does so, the pendulum highlights a bright orange, and marks the path a bright orange as well. For the rest of its journey, however, the pendulum path just follows a gradient of light blue to dark blue, on a loop of 60 seconds, to indicate when a minute has passed.

There was a great struggle in finding a way to have my clock tell the correct time, and I ended up having to manipulate my time so that the time I obtain from it (say 12:00), is rewritten as a different time (6:00), so that it correctly is displayed, because for some reason, my clock is mapped off. Additionally, the first angle in which it drops greatly varies the path that it follows, which is something that I would like to fix, as it hardly ever(?) goes to 12:00 when the first angle starts at PI/2, however, when set to PI, it swings rapidly and eventually skyrockets off into a lunatic acceleration.