Wireframe clock

While I was procrastinating on this deliverable, I watched a childhood cartoon where a little boy shrunk down in an attempt to find out how his music box worked to fix it. And I was thinking, how cool would it be if I shrunk down to see a clock in action vertically. So I decided to make a 3D 12-hour clock.

The viewer sees the clock from the 9 o'clock position, therefore 12 o'clock is to the left and 6 o'clock is to the right.

I think my clock would be at home on a college campus or a park with other environmental art pieces. If I were to make it in real life, I'd have three hollow glass rectangular prisms rotating in each other. The edges would have a neon/LED light. The prisms would be resting on top of a rectangular pedestal with arrows coming out on each time axes.

^Original Design derived from an accident

^Refined and more "clock-like."

^^It is 12:45.