Cursor Tag

Here is how it works:

This interactive game is tag (or maybe hide and seek?) with cursor.

In this game you only see your cursor, but you can 'sense' the other players as your pointer cursor changes directions based on the position of it (if you are a normal player) or of the closest prey (if you are it). The playground gets smaller every time someone gets tagged.

This game is (literally) inspired by our classic childhood game tag. (The fact that this is purely digital instead of physical is kinda a sad reminder of how digital our life has been:/ )I enjoy the nervous feeling when players are the game with other people, they are aware of others' presence but they are also alone on the canvas and don't know who the others are. (Isn't this also how life works?) Especially since this is a game that requires people to play it together in the same room, this digital loneliness is even more emphasized.

If i have more time I am definitely going to improve the tag system (because it is currently not working very well) and it would probably be more interesting if everytime a player gets tagged, everyone gets fatter (collision radius bigger) so it becomes more challenging for the normal players to hide.