- The artwork is square.
- The artwork consists of many short black lines, on a white background.
- The lines all have the same length.
- The artwork is basically composed of a 60 * 60 grid.
- Horizontal lines show up less frequently than vertical lines.
- Lines take up more than half of the space.

The most challenging part of this assignment was understanding Perlin noise. I've used it in the past but not much. The concept of noise and trigonometric functions in order to randomize the angles of the lines took a while for me to figure out. Something that I understood almost at once was the gridlike structure of Molnár's "Interruptions". I immediately noticed the 56X56 grid upon which the lines were fixed. I think I was generally successful at recreating the artist's work but my lines are not as randomized as the original. This is probably an easy fix as I would have to go back in and manipulate some of the variables within noise but for now, it is a close representation of Molnár's work. I appreciate how seemingly simple the original work appears at first when in actuality, it is a lot more complex than I had originally thought.