Project Puppy Interaction - Marisa Lu

For this first looking outwards, I'll be discussing one of my favorite p5 sketches. This sketch was a week long individual project created by the brilliant Marisa Lu for the fall term of 15-104: Computing for Creative Practice.

Although not the most complicated or exploratory work of computational art, it represents a personal milestone for myself. This work made me realize just how delightful even simple digital interactions can be when done well. Among others, this sketch helped foster my love for creative computing, which has come to define my education at CMU as well as the early stages of my career.

The extraordinary nature of this project lies in its simplicity. Although sketch is made up of no more than a few basic shapes and a rudimentary mouse based animation, it is undeniably engaging. Its success lies in a clever understanding of proportion and dimensionality as well as a deft ability to communicate character and personality.