This project is an interactive installation called Rain Room (2012), produced by Random International, a team of artists headed by Florian Ortkrass and Hannes Koch who consider science as a new form of raw material for art making. The creation of this installation was somewhat accidental. Random International initially intended to create something that prints images with droplets of water, but along the way, the process started getting too complicated and convoluted so the team took a step back and crated the Rain Room. In order to make the interaction work correctly, they had to developed their own program to trace human movement with 3D tracking cameras. What I really admire about this work is that, it incorporates so many advanced technologies to work together to create a scenario that is basically impossible to experience in nature. In addition, the installation uses about 528 gallons of water but the water is ben constantly recycled to power the art work. Thus the water footprint is controlled to a manageable and reasonable amount.


Link to the work:

Title: Rain Room

Author: Random International

Year: 2012