9. The Critical Engineer notes that written code expands into social and psychological realms, regulating behaviour between people and the machines they interact with. By understanding this, the Critical Engineer seeks to reconstruct user-constraints and social action through means of digital excavation.

This belief demonstrates that engineering is truly an art form. While engineering advances society technologically, the nature of the advancements can change the way that people think and act--intentionally or unintentionally. By understanding that spaces, machines, and computers influence how people act, Critical Engineers seek to design with social intention in mind. I'm fascinated by how the subtleties of engineering affect society. While artists often write stories about society, engineers write society itself. Engineers can control someone's mood by how long an elevator takes to get to their floor. Engineers make it possible to stay in touch without someone around the world in realtime. A credit or debit card and ATM prevents the need to carry around lots of cash, allowing consumers to carry their money virtually and spend more.