Fragments of RGB is an interactive installation made by Onformative which experiments with the concept of human perception. In this work, projected light points on an LED screen react to the viewer of the work by changing the content as they approach. I find the concept and the commentary of the piece extremely interesting and intriguing to consider the relativity of the world based on our perceptions. Although the topic is large and broad, the execution of the piece is very elegant and communicates that idea subtly but clearly. I appreciated how the creator of the piece left the message they were trying to communicate not be simply stated but required to be discovered through interaction which I think makes the piece more powerful. However, I think the piece could have been stronger if there was something that indicated a bit clearer that the viewer was in the variable controlling the perspective changes but there is equally something to be said about elegant simplicity. Overall, I thought it was extremely inspiring how combing RGB values and having human influenced transformation of the perspective had not only an extremely beautiful result but also carried a lot of meaningful commentary.