• The work is square
  • The work consists of various black lines on a white background
  • The lines are the same length
  • Many of the lines are at an angle
  • White spaces that lack black lines seem to occur to varying degrees
  • The lines are thin
  • The lines often touch one another to make diamond, square, and triangle shapesMany of the lines touch each other but not all
  • The lines seem random but also feel somewhat repetitive
  • The lines have a type of pattern involving either intersections, distance or the like

First I started with basic appearance based characteristics like the length of lines and colors. Then after some trial and error of creating random methods with the random function, I ended up creating a 50X50 grid of all lines then trying to accomplish their rotation. To figure out the rotation I ended up using perlin noise as the basis for that method. After tweaking some scaling, I attempted to add random spaces between the lines by skipping the creation of a line if the noise was in a certain small range. Although I did not complete it, at the end I was working on a method that would make sure all lines only intersected another line at its end point.