Detroit Become Human is an adventure game officially released May 25 2018 by Quantic Dream that emphasizes mainly the importance of choices and moral conflicts. I admire the extremely complex web of decisions that creates the basis for this game, the stunning and tedious use of motion capture graphics, and the ability to create a narrative so relevant and important to the atmosphere of today. The project took five and a half years to complete, with about 180 employees of Quantic Dream and 250 actors working on the project not including outsourced work. Although Quantic Dream used pre-existing software to create their visuals, they had to develop their own software in order to track and debug the insane amount of code in the numerous branches of the narrative, so in a sense it is a combination of the new and the old. Director David Cage and his team were definitely inspired by the legacy of choose your own adventure type games and narratives such as the Blade Runner series, Westworld, A.I. etc.; however, it still adds elements to create a twist to all its influences. It is important to note that Detroit Become Human does have its flaws. Many criticize that the narrative is too cliche and that the gameplay is somewhat lackluster and not as engaging as a game should be. Though many of its criticisms could be addressed by the new medium others claim the game is pushing towards. This new medium being a future of more cinematic videos games or even a future where the lines between film and audience input and interaction are blurred, which I find so exciting especially when the narrative has such valuable societal implications and relevant lessons.

Detroit Become Human Launch Trailer:

Branches and Brief Gameplay:

Branching Narrative Example: