If game window isn't working or Unity is crashing, edit Player Settings, Project Settings, and/or Edit>Graphics Emulation and select lowest/oldest shader model and shader hardware tier. May need to repeat upon reopening.

1. importing

2.navigating unity

QWERT hot keys for navigation tools. Hold right-click and use WASD to move. Alt or Alt-Shift + mouse buttons.

6.level building

hold v to snap corner


dope sheets vs curves

Starting from here, started from progress scene in exercise files because I couldn't import the character correctly(maybe because different unity version and linux editor?)

9.adding audio

Turn the audio volume WAY down.
11.baking lighting

Careful of real-time option during editing to. May put strain on unity editor.

12.particles and fx

Use for chimney smoke.

I didn't get around to the other tutorials. Since I did this late anyway, I focused on the ones immediately helpful to the part of the project I was about to work on.