Question 1A.
I really like clouds. It's interesting that it can be easily represented, but they seem very difficult to model. The cloud itself is a collection of gas molecules distinctly different from the molecules around them, and that system interacts with the weather system, to change the shape of the cloud based on wind, temperature, and humidity. It falls more on the total randomness side, but it isn't quite as random as gas molecules alone.

The Problem of Postmodernity intrigues me because I'm personally a greater fan of more traditional art, and I disagree with the notion that the future of art means neglecting or leaving traditional mediums behind. I'm often more impressed with art that uses old techniques in new ways, rather than new techniques in new ways. But I accept that the prospect of a completely new framework to explore literally any aspect of life is exciting,and part of my reason for taking this class is to become more familiar with that.