I had completely forgotten I had come across Mokafolio years before until Golan presented his work again a couple weeks ago. I had loved the artful, analog quality of his work then, and I still do love it. When I first encountered his work, I had no idea that there was so much technology behind the pieces. I especially love the vending machine pieces because not only are they generative, they are so in a very engaging way. Vending machines are great because the user never knows exactly what they're getting, yet they choose to receive something anyway.

In a lot of the generative art examples, there's a certain "generative art" aesthetic that is extremely telling of how the results are made. I love Mokafolio's work because it's decidedly not that--not that any aesthetic is better or worse than another, I just think in terms of uniqueness, this work stands out (going back to Galanter's Problem of Uniqueness).