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Discusses ailments found in    plants, animals, and computers.


For this project, I wanted to create a book that contained made-up diseases. My goal was to combine information about diseases with computer errors to create diseases that a robot might encounter. The actual project ended up straying from this quite a bit.

At first, I was really interested in using recurrent neural networks to generate text. I followed this tutorial for ml5's LSTMGenerator, but I started this way too late and didn't have the time/knowledge to train a model to my liking. This is the state I got to before giving up:

Even though I didn't follow through with this approach, I think that I would like to learn more about LSTM in the future. I really liked a lot of the examples I saw that used this method!

I reused my training text with RiMarkov to generate my text. The text included these three books and some system error codes . This was actually very entertaining. I spent a good amount of time clicking through and enjoying the sentences it created.

For the illustrations, I used makehuman to generate some random models, and blender to mess them up. This was actually my favorite part of the project. Here is my personal favorite illustration:

Overall, I would say I had a lot of fun with the process, but I'm not too sure if I like the final product. I think that there are a couple of pages that are very good, but a lot of it is just confusing!