1. The artwork is in the shape of a square
  2. The artwork has a white background featuring many black lines.
  3. The center of each line seems to fall on the coordinates of a 56x56 unit grid
  4. The length of each line is equal to the lines spacing on the grid so that some of the lines intersect.
  5. Each line is set at a random angle. The angle of each line seems independent from the angles of the lines around it.
  6. Some spaces on the grid that you would expect to see a line are missing a line.
  7. The lines' angles seem to tend toward vertical.
  8. Theres an empty border around the lines.
  9. The randomness of the rotation of the lines seems independent from where lines are missing.
  10. The missing lines seem to be related to each other; there are "areas" on the grid where lines are missing or appear to be blown away.
  11. Even in places where there isn't a large area of lines missing, there are a few lines missing here and there.

The most challenging part about this piece was having to figure out the logic behind what seems like a chaotic image. While it looks very busy, the most defining features of this piece for me where the grid layout of the lines, the vertical-tending angled lines, and the large spaces where lines were missing. The large spaces of empty lines was the most difficult aspect to reproduce, followed by the angles of the lines. I chose to generate probability coefficients for each line using the noise() function. Because the noise() function used the row/column of each line, there were specific areas where lines were much  less likely to occur. T0 randomize the angle of the lines I first generated a random x-coordinate within the line's cell and made the end fall on that coordinate. This way there would be a higher probability of the line tending vertical. I enjoyed recreating this piece because it made me think about how to distinguish patterns and key characteristics of a seemingly random system. Having to break down the each element into basic properties to recreate was a fun exercise .