"9. The Critical Engineer notes that written code expands into social and psychological realms, regulating behaviour between people and the machines they interact with. By understanding this, the Critical Engineer seeks to reconstruct user-constraints and social action through means of digital excavation."

This tenet observes that the code we write and the way it's expressed to users exist only in a theoretical space, but the experiences and ideas they create for their users have a very concrete impact on physical reality and our mind's perception of it. These are technologies that express how a person constructs an understanding of their reality. In this way, the technologies themselves have a significant impact on the way we understand reality and the decisions we make based on that understanding.

We design technologies that operate within our physical reality, consisting of 3 spacial dimensions along a single-dimensional timeline that we experience linearly. The mechanisms in our brains however, provide an understanding of reality where information is transmitted through space independent of mass or energy. In my personal reality I can make someone laugh, start a club, gain respect, or transcend the laws of physics by only touching a piece of glass with my body, all without having to exist at any specific point in physical space.