I really appreciate how Parrish continued the outer space analogy throughout the whole presentation. This not only made it easier for someone like me, with little knowledge on semantics, to understand the more technical aspects of the process of generative poetry and the concept of semantic space, but it also made everything much more beautiful. Outer space is wonderfully vast, complex, and unexplored, somewhat full of opportunities (of life, happiness - stars) but mostly of empty nothingness (the nonsensical unknown); when she finally described herself as an "explorer," I realized that this metaphor is a perfect description of my (and potentially others' at the STUDIO) purpose at CMU. Like Robin Sloan said during his lecture, we are all "media inventors" -- the quotes being a symbol of the unknown, nonsensical nature of the new media art we are inventing. Our projects are unfamiliar to the public and are therefore not yet semantically normal. Although this could be a frightening aspect of new media art, Parrish's discussion has inspired my desire to break through the "frontier" and make sense of the nonsensical.