I looked at Danny Rozin for this Looking Outwards, as I recognized his name when I saw it on the list of artists Golan provided. When I clicked on his website, I realized that I knew him from my Art and Arudino class -- I am working on an "Interactive" project in that class right now as well, and my professor had also used the wooden mirror as an example of what kinds of interactivity can be achieved with Arduino (Rozin made the wooden one just with servos). It amazes me how basically anyone could make this kind of art, since Arduino is so accessible and easy to learn. There is a beauty to how simple it is, yet this idea is so creative.

I love how there is a juxtaposition between the facts that many of his "mirrors" are made with natural or recycled materials, but they are technically put together and controlled in a calculated and digitized way with software. I also like how Rozin questions the self in his artwork, as he has come up with so many ways to represent reflection. It's interesting to discuss whether he is trying to critique society and its narcissism by showing how we interact with our reflections even when we are reduced to just shadows, or if he means for individuals to look deeper within themselves and discover things they couldn't see on their obvious surfaces.