(Turn Up Audio, also detail videos of each individual unit further down post)

Taking heavy inspiration from Banksy's pet shop, we wanted to explore connections between machines and human bodies and particularly the ways both could be exploited. Through that we landed on the idea of torture, which fundamentally seeks to expose weakness in whatever it is inflicted upon. With this in mine we started to brainstorm individual units that we wanted to put together into one larger body to convey different aspects of torture (psychological, physical etc). This gave way to the three separate parts that we have in our final product, each influenced in its execution by objects we found at the centre for creative re-use that we felt could be exploited through the use of machinery and as a stand-ins for machinery itself.

The aesthetics of the end result was much more dependant on the tools/construction and frameworks of torture rather than the items from the centre for creative re-use, which lends itself to the unity of the separate parts. The clarity of the cassette tape component definitely needs work in terms of making apparent the action there, with the integration of the IR sensor also proving difficult for this specific component.

A large part of the computation as well as the preparation for construction was done by Harsh, given his knowledge in both Arduino and Physical Computing, with the eye and dunking unit primarily handled by him. More of the construction was done by Breep, as well as the most part of the Casette unit.