The eyewriter is a collaborative project that allows individuals who are paralyzed but still retain full brain function and eye movement to draw with the movement of their eyes. Initially teaming up with LA graffiti artist TEMPTONE, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2003, the project aimed to get the artist to be create again despite his condition. I love how the vast respect for this singular artist and the empathy for his condition inspires a hugely impactful project.

I find this project exceptionally praise worthy for its aim to get those who have been given a horrible card in life to fully realize their creative desires and share their creativity with the world. Along with this, I find the parallels between the emotional range that eyes can present in relation to the creation of projects entirely with eyes vastly intriguing its potential. This is one element of the project that I wish was explored more, but given the circumstance and what the EyeWriter accomplishes that is a very minor aspect. The notion of turning this project into a wide bracing international framework is also hugely admirable, sharing this wonderful technology with the world. I find that a-lot of the time we expect the viewer to be able to interact with a work of interactive art, but in this case the viewer interacts with the work through a larger social context which amazed me about this work.