Watching Allison Parrish's talk before actually doing the project has given me a very informative and helpful introduction to the significance of text in my daily life. Coming from a decision science background, I did research on word recognition and verbal perception. During the research and learning process, what I have been focused on is the human beings' impacts on words. For example, how our opinions/personalities influence the way we talk, write, and communicate. However, when Allison talks about the "lexical space", what is being reflected is how words show our behaviors. It focuses on words and its pattern to discover human beings instead of focusing on humans and see their impacts on words. This change in perspective is really interesting. While I am listening to Allison's talk, my mind has jumped to places where I reflected on how our language reflects our political standing, our emotions, etc. Then, some ideas came to my mind, it will be interesting to create an algorithm where the drawings are created based on the keywords in the text. And the text is captured through social media/email/messenger or any of the medium of communication. Then, without seeing the subject of this sentence, what are some interpretation that can be created upon the keywords, the word choice, the tenses, and other verbal patterns?