This sketch contains a lot of values that need to be drawn, so give it a minute or two to load (it takes a while! )


For this assignment, I wanted to experiment with drawing 3D models in p5js. My first step was acquiring a 3d model. Since there is are shortage of nude female figures online, I figured I’d grab one.

obj pre edit
model points pre edit

I then reduced the number of vertices (also I got rid of the hair because it was 2 much) and explored the points as a .xyz file. This kind of file can be opened in a text editor, and is a csv list containing the x,y and z coordinates for each point in a model.

.xyz file in textedit


I copied that info over into an array in my sketch and drew the model from that info. In retrospect, I should have further reduced the number of verts. I tried this with 3D models made using photogrammetry, but the organization of points was not nearly as conducive to this method of drawing models.