Instructional Drawing

Orient the paper vertically. Draw a circle. Draw a curved line extending from the circle, curving away, that ends in a smaller circle. Repeat as space allows, moving from circle to circle.
 photo EMS2InstructionalDrawingECE_zpsc9e61fea.jpg
 photo EMS2InstructionalDrawingChem_zps453042fd.jpg
 photo EMS2InstructionalDrawingDesign_zps50913601.jpgMy attempt:
 photo EMSInstructionalDrawingMe_zps55c8e15c.jpg



The results of this drawing were very surprising. I asked an ECE major, a Chemistry major, and a Design major to complete the exercise. I found it amusing that the Designer’s approach came the closest to my own. In retrospect, my instructions lack specific size limitations on the circles and lines. While this leads to a wide range of possible outcomes, I’d like to see if the result drawings became more similar if more concrete instructions were given. Also, I think next time I’ll work with time limits. Interestingly, some attempts took much long than others, the longest being around 4 minutes. I’d like to see if injecting a long period of time into the instructions, for example if the participant was given an hour, would change the intensity or detail level within the work, or if it would cause the participant to give up.

Author: rachel

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