electrified water

Keystone is frustrating. The actual coding took way less time than trying to get Keystone to work on my program (especially since my computer won’t even render it correctly due to graphics card problems!) and calibrating it (probably an exaggeration but it certainly felt like it). So I learned this, yet again: logistics ruin the fun out of everything. Also, I didn’t expect the shadow of the stream of water–no way around that.

My main inspiration was to use sound that was already provided to me as part of the projection–and that sound was water hitting the sink as I washed my hands every day. I imagined the sound as bunch of electrically charged particles climbing up rather than flushing downwards into the drain, and it got to the point where I could hear electricity in the water.


(part of the drawing is Golan’s explanation on why my design isn’t feasible for now)

Initially I wanted creatures that would climb up the sink and then turn into birds when they reached the top corners, but Golan was against the idea since it would be too complex for an assignment. He instead suggested that I confine it to a flat area near the drain, which turned out alright. The project might develop further by implementing the original idea I had.