1. PERMANENT RULE: lines must never cross each other, but they may touch.
  2. Draw a line of any length and angle.
  3. Draw non-parallel lines of any length and angle branching off the line from #2 (or the perpendicular line, if #3 is reached from #5).
  4. Draw a line perpendicular to one of the lines. This new line should be of smaller length.
  5. You can skip this step, or repeat #3 on that perpendicular line.
  6. Keep drawing perpendicular lines to the previous line* from #4 (if you skipped #5) or #5 until a rectangle is made with a side made from that line*.
  7. Repeat #4 and #3 as much as you want in that rectangle.
  8. Repeat #3-7.
  9. If there are empty spaces you want to fill, repeat #2-7 until satisfied in other areas.

img009 img010(a more diligent person would recurse even more)