Shadow Paint

For my projection project, I wanted to utilize sound while using box2D. It was really difficult for me to come up with an idea. At first I thought about creating eyes onto an inanimate object to give it life. But it was too similar to the creature project. As I was wondering what to create, my eyes fell upon the different colored glazes I bought for my clay mini class. I projected light onto the different glazes at an angle and realized that if the camera were tilted at a certain angle, I could play with just the shadows of the glaze containers because they were higher on the wall than the actual objects.

Why not mess with the shadow’s of the object? The shadows are black, and if I project black onto them, they will be saved. This created another curious layer as to what we are allowed to interact with. By interacting with actual objects, we extract something from fantasy and implement it into reality. Playing with the shadows seem like an even more fantastical experience. While the object is untouched, the shadow, the “child” of the object, which is supposed to mirror the object, transforms separate from it’s “parent”.


Author: maryyann

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