Deer Hunter



I once participated in a game design conversation, and one of the ideas we developed was to have a predator hiding its size so it can sneak up on its prey. The devouring idea is also inspired by Thatgamecompany’s Flow. I feel by using the mouth as the catalyst for consuming, I can put the player into a more emersive atmosphere, and maybe make them feel either bad or empowered as they turn deer into explosions of blood. I feel I can improve upon the game by adding in sound effects and music, but finding the perfect ones take more time than I anticipated.

I used the position of the head to determine whether the blob should go left or right on screen. Changing the height of my mouth will change the size of the blob, and when that height go past a certain threshold, the blob turns into a monster and devour the deer. It will revert back to a small blob once the player closes his/her mouth again.

Author: dave

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