Looking Outwards: Hardware

Pulse Sensor

I think the fact that you could have something sync up with a person’s pulse is in itself already the beginnings of great poetry. I also find it interesting that as a biometric DIY component, it begins to have implications for the market of medical devices. Perhaps in the future medical devices could be built as needed for cheaper, more easy to access by doctors that may be in more rural areas, instead of depending on the far-removed monopoly of medical device companies…

TFT Touch Shield for Arduino

I’m constantly being blown away by how easy it is to access all these amazing devices and components. Being so removed from the manufacturing process as a consumer it just blows my mind that I could build a physical interface and have access to these things like touch screen technology. It can give my users/participants a more natural form of interaction and navigation, depending on what my project is. On top of that I’m really glad that they make a note to tell you that the device comes with its own open source graphics library, further enabling one to explore and expand their personal project.

Flora Wearable GPS Module

For me, fashion has a strong connotation with identity. On top of that, having moved around different cities in my life, the idea of place is also very important to me. So to have something that tells you where you are on something that can portray who you are—it really speaks to me.

Author: chloe

Sophomore | BFA Communication Design | Beijing, China Twitter: @chlobochia Youtube: http://goo.gl/w0g1HM OpenProcessing: chlobochia