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Anthropodino (2009), Ernesto Neto

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Ernesto Neto is a Brazilian artist who plays with audience's sense of space, texture, and smell. Anthropodino is one of his many interactive installations employing textiles, gravity, and amorphous forms. In addition to encouraging people to explore and play in the space, Neto fills his mesh sculptures with spices, ball bearings, and other unusual substances to engage visitor's senses in unconventional ways. In an interview with WNYC, Neto expresses, "I wanted to touch you with the smell." I admire Neto's work since I believe he calls attention to some of the untapped forces we can play with and explore as artists. While a vast majority of art is expressed through visuals or audio, it is often one or two dimensional and becomes predictable in the way we are expected to interact with it. By calling attention to aromas, tastes, intimate textures, and other neglected senses, we can challenge the boundaries of interaction.