vingu – Body


This was inspired by livestreaming, and how viewers give likes during the livestream. On very popular livestreams, there would be a flood of likes.

I used BRFv4 face tracker, and it gives a flood of "likes" only when a person is smiling. The smile is detected if the ratio (of the mouth length: mouth to nose) is greater than around 1. Position of the head changes the heart color, depth of the face changes the size of the heart. The hearts are bound to the face, so that when the person smiles the hearts cover the face like a mask.

There is only one viewer/person "watching", and they leave likes on their own  video.  For me, this action feels comforting (self love/self care?), but also superficial.

I noticed that the ratio between the mouth corners, and the nose to mouth is close to a equilateral triangle. I made the ratio a certain threshold to recongize a smile. I later realized that it doesn't work as well if the person is tilting their head up or down.


(quickly filmed video, will refilm later)