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This piece is based off a childhood memory: I planted a seed in a pot, later my grandma re-potted the pot with a flower, I got confused by how fast the seed grew and yanked the flower out. I spent a lot of time testing out the colors/composition and kept simple motions/animations. I'm happy with how the sequence turned out, it's very straightforward.

At first, I was confused with the frames/frame rates/speed/time etc.. I increased the number of frames and percentframes to make it longer (it seems to work? but made things way more difficult later on). I used if statements with certain frame sections to make it sequential (a lot of hardcoding). I wish I made the code more efficient and used more easing functions to show more emotion. For example, having the eyes follow the plant, or the eye enlarging. Also having the plant leaves/petals move with gravity.

Draft in Google drawings using the circles and arcs. Testing colors and positions.


Sequence/Storyboard sketch.