For this week's looking outwards on Physical Computing, it was super lovely and pleasant to re-stumble across Anti-Drawing Machine by Soonho Kwon (recent 2017 design graduate), Harsh Kedia and Akshat Prakash.

Anti-Drawing Machine was created using an Arduino, A4988 stepper motor drivers and custom enclosures, and code. It does exactly what it sounds like - it helps you draw - but also is opposed to you drawing. In other words, the machine allows for "disrupted or collaborative drawing by manipulating the rotation and position of an ordinary paper material. It exists at that very fine line between disruption and collaboration, trying to be both at the same time." I really adore this for not only it's interesting and complex ability to draw not only against the user's wishes but also with, in addition to it's playful elements.

This project is particularly engaging to me because it truly is an equal and dynamic dance between human and computer interaction. Without either side contributing their full effort, the drawing would not be what it is as it stands.