Two Faced is a collaborative face created by two networked face trackers. One user controls the bottom half of the face. The other controls the top.

Initially, I wanted to create a chat room extension of my mouth project from the previous assignment. However, the difficulty of networking video across the Internet made me simplify my approach. I still wanted to play with faces, and I still wanted to include an interesting real time interaction between multiple people, so my second idea was the collaborative face. In an expanded project, I would experiment with which parts of the face I would separate between different clients. I would also distort a real image of a face instead of drawing simple polygons because I really wanted to emphasize the uncanny-ness of splitting up a face among multiple people. A less necessary optimization would possibly to gamify the collaborative face and request the users to react to a social situation collaboratively. For example, I could record a first-person video of a social scenario and take pictures of the collaborative face at key moments when the users are expected to react. At the end of the scenario, I would present the users with all captured images.