Reference and examples of p5.js

Soft body dynamics

I'm surprised to learn that p5.js has built-in support for soft body dynamics. I find it difficult to create things with organic movement through code, so this is something I could utilize to achieve that goal.

Libraries of p5.js


I'm interested in this library because it seems very powerful for physical computing projects, which I would like to explore. blocks

Sending emails with SendGrid

I have wanted to send emails in projects in the past, so I'm pleased to see a building block that already demonstrates how.

Making music with Magenta.js

I'm intrigued by this music-making library and by how it has built-in support for music visualization as well as generative music through machine learning models. I took a computer music class in the past that explored novel ways to generate musical sound through computation, so this could be an opportunity to expand on that experience.