This project was inspired by nothing but my exhaustion and my desire to finish this before 3 am. I was playing with masks in p5.js and isolating parts of my face recursively, trying to think of an idea. I was reminded of Ann Hamilton's work with mouth photography that we discussed in class, so I decided to make an interactive version of that through p5.js. The masking and the scaling is quite sloppy, so if I have the time and willpower, I'd like to come back and refine it in the future. I wanted to play with orifices on the face in particular, so maybe I can also expand this to other parts of the face like the eyes or maybe the nostrils. Maybe this says something about how you reveal an image of yourself by opening your orifices (e.g. talking), or maybe I am just trying to invent meaning to a quick sketch at 1:54am. It would be interesting to explore this as a social media communication form, like a chat lobby where everyone is depicted in this form. Maybe in the future, if I can figure out how to use handsfree.js on glitch.

Again, I have no sketches because I thought of this idea at about 11pm.