This clock is a rather personal one. I took every message I sent to this individual, mapped it to a time of day, and presented it in a cyclical loop--a clock of my interactions with this individual. I explore the thought that my moods and my interactions with other people are cyclical, and I take it to a personal extreme by presenting my messages as a clock. What does it mean to be stuck in an emotional cycle with another person? I was seeking some closure by creating this, but I am not sure I achieved that.

I downloaded a JSON of all my messages to this person from Facebook, parsed it within Glitch, and served the most relevant messages to any client who connects to the web page in the form of a clock. The sizes of the text box as well as the minute rollover are jank, but I think this prototype delivers the concept well enough.

9/19/2019 Addendum

In a future, I think it would be interesting if I made this a web service that allows users to upload their chat histories. I had a discussion with jackalope about highly personal art and whether they're interesting. While we strongly disagree on whether personal art is interesting as art, I think we both agree that personal art is interesting to the person in question. So maybe a next step will be opening this experience up to other people.

I went back and fixed the rollover issues, the colors of the message boxes, and added a black line to indicate the passage of the minute. I recorded additional GIFs: