sovid – Clock

Sketch can be found here.

For this assignment I was interested in combining music theory and time to create a clock. I started by identifying twelve chords that I found beautiful or interesting, and then divided up their notes into bass, alto, and soprano. After I recorded these notes on my flute, I loaded each note file into P5 and had each chord play on a specific hour, with the seconds playing a different note in that chord with each tick. I liked the ideas in lecture about approximating time; in theory, someone with incredible perfect pitch would be able to tell what hour it is just by listening to the bass note of the chord of my clock. I also really enjoyed the idea of a time garden, so the flowers seen "floating" on the water are in fact pressed flowers that would be planted in that garden. Of course, there is so much to improve on. Working with sound in P5 turned out to be a huge pain and I spent most of my time figuring that out - looking at my finished project I wished I spent more time on the visual side of things. To make matters worse, when I combined my two files with the sound code and the flower simulation code, the program's visuals run extremely slowly.

Because my clock mostly relies on sound, I've attached a video rather than a gif. The video shows my clock at 4PM, noon, and 3AM.

Sketchbook notes: