Tangible Media Group - AUFLIP


This piece encourages the user and creates a positive environment where they can successfully learn a new skill, which in this case is doing a front or back flip. The real-time data monitoring allows for immediate positive reinforcement when a task is done well, and some suggestions when a task is not done at the best quality. I like that research was done on the entire process of doing a successful front or back flip, so that the device could be produced at the best and most accurate quality. The fact that it was tested and further augmented shows that the artists really cared about the practicality of the piece and wanted to ensure that people who used it were satisfied. What intrigues me the most about this project, therefore, is actually the practicality and functionality of the piece, and how it can be applied to teach other kinds of cool skills to beginners.


No video is available on the website, only images.