"8. The ideology of the interface is always embedded in the interface itself, but it is not always visible."

The interface directs the user's attention to what it intends; it allows the user to manipulate whichever variables the interface intends and prohibits the user from accessing or manipulating whatever the interface desires. The interface is thusly a form of control on the user, an imposition of the programmer's will, their ideology. This ideology is typically subtle but can be made transparent under close examination. The interface of Instagram, for example, is minimalistic, dominated by simple icons which replace text. This would suggest that Instagram's designers have a fervently anti-lexical ideology. This absence of words in favor of symbols emphasizes the aesthetic, graphic nature of Instagram, serving as evidence in support of the widely-held belief that a picture is worth a thousand words, implying that verbal communication is not necessary for humans to share interpersonal and sublime visual experiences.