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Stop talking and get back to work: The video game

My project is an asynchronous one-to-many experience. Users can interact with each other only if they encounter other people at the watercooler. Each player is the same as everyone else, no one has any special roles and everyone is in constant danger of being discharged. Participants can write their own nicknames that will be used at the water cooler message board. This project allows for remote-communication, people can use this app from anywhere in the world.

My project was designed to emulate social distractions at the workplace by giving users a long time between tasks so they have time to talk. If someone gets distracted and misses a couple of deadlines, they get fired! Normally, the tab that the game is on will close after the user gets fired. Problem is,  Glitch doesn't let me do that.

Some notes on graphics:

Brief Story

Imagine that you are working in an office building.
You are given a meaningless task with a long deadline.
You get bored, so you go to the water cooler to fill up your bottle. Your friends are there and you guys start talking.
But oh no! Look at the time, you should've submitted that project a little while ago...
While your friends shuffle away, your angry boss comes up to you.
"You're fired!" he screams.


Type in your name.
Press buttons on the computer display.
If you press the wrong buttons, you get strikes.
Three strikes and you're fired.
You need to keep an eye out on your water level.
If you run out, you can collapse from dehydration!
Fill up your bottle at the cooler by clicking the water cooler icon.
Talk to your friends while your bottle fills up.

I didn't embed my project because it uses windows.alert(), so please press the button below.

Link to game

Link to code