"Dreams are the engines that drive us to infinity" --Lynn Hershman Leeson

Lynn Hershman Leeson is an American artist whose work is mostly composed of media-based technology.

One such work is called "The Infinity Engine," a functional replica of a genetics lab. It is constructed from modular units used and is designed to show the potential that human engineering can bring by the creation of regenerative medicine, bioprinting, and DNA programming. The installation includes various genetic engineering tools, interviews with scientists, lab test information and even re-enactments of tests.

Areas of the installation are defined by color-coded areas which are enhanced with sounds of a genetics lab. Some of the things that the parts of the exhibit include are partly interactive multimedia installations, projections, wallpaper, electric screens, and 3D printed noses.

Visitors also have the option of discovering their DNA origin through reverse engineered facial-recognition software.

Leeson received a  partial commission from a German museum ZKM and received contributions from The Wake Forest School of Regenerative Medicine and Organovo (they manufacture hardware for genetic engineers).

Additional money to finish the project was secured by a successful campaign on Kickstarter.