sovid & lubar – arsculpture

A tiny AR Golan featuring some of our favorite Golan quotes to stand guard outside the doors of the Studio For Creative Inquiry and show off his dance skills.


Our initial intention was to have the figure turn and blink at the viewer when 'looked at', however ran into the conflict of animating the mesh rather than the rig, so we decided instead to transition to a spinning around state when the camera centers on the character. We initially wanted to work off of the placeAnchorsOnPlanes example, but found that surface detection wasn't working as we needed it to. Instead, we decided to place the mesh at the center of the scene, so wherever a user was in space when the app was launched, that was where the model appeared. The model was modeled by Sophia and we rigged and animated it using Mixamo. We also experimented with blendtrees and morphing animation states together, and Lumi figured out how to switch between states well without jumping. The gameobject for the model switches animation states when the camera centers on it (using raycasting). For future iterations, we would like to be able to place multiple animated meshes in a space using raycasting and switch between multiple animation states.

Progress Gifs

Before Smoothing Animation Transitions

Transition tests