lubar – machinelearning

A. Pix2Pix

This is such a playful and fun tool to play around with.

B. GAN Paint



This image synthesizing system is really interesting to work with, particularly when the resulting image produces something completely unexpected (for example - drawing 'domes' in the above, resulted in bright blue streaks across the image). This seems like it could be a really powerful tool in generative image making.

C. Art Breeder

What I like most about this program is the control that the user has over the image mixes and adjustments. The resulting images can be really beautiful.

D. Infinite Patterns



I've been tinkering around this for a bit now, but still don't entirely understand how the sliding menus change the image (in consistent reproducible ways) however, the resulting images tend to be beautiful.



This was one of my favorite readymades in this list. It seems that sometimes the completed text would go off in an entirely unrelated direction, and other times a smooth continuation of what I was expecting. Either way the results tended to be really funny.

F. Google AI

One of the experiments I played with was Quick,Draw! in which a network works to guess what you are drawing. It was really fun to hear the in-between guesses that occurred as the images were being drawn.