This piece began as an exploration of marionettes and how funny yet creepy they are when they move. Through the process of creating figures, and trying to decide what visual language I wanted to use, I came across some paper cut out dolls and an amazing Good Housewife magazines from the 50's. The ads were so funny and I though that the slightly uncomfortable motion, that I found resulted from the marionette segmented image tactic I was interested in using, could work to create (what I at least find to be) a really fun piece. The motion is jerky and the body parts disjointed. While this is in large part initially due to errors in the program, I found I really liked how the head pops off and how glitchy it is at times.  I think it adds to my laughing at the ads. (Note: if you clap your hands together off to the sides, the images change). In a lot of ways this is a mess and a half, but despite that (or maybe because of it?), I think this is my favorite piece thus far.

Link to Program --> HERE


I was hoping to turn this into a game of sorts, to have the funky dancing figure cover the ad screen with the trail of where the participant moved, however tinting the image caused it to slow down too much to work. (see below - tint trial ~300x speed)

Process Images: