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For this piece I was particularity interested in how we have formed our entire system and concept of time on a series of, what appears in many ways to be, random and coincidental relationships of cycles in the universe. I'd like to imagine that there could be a space in which the system of time is determined by the rhythm of a polar bears walk, a crab's waving, or the speed of a motorcycle. All entirely random things on random planets. In this case however, I did still want to create a readable, if not somewhat ambiguous, and I really wanted the feel of cycling cycles to be visualized. The polar bear and crab's feet pace on a rhythm of seconds, and they move across their prospective planets with speeds based on the 12 hour, 60 minute etc, clock.

I had a lot of fun creating the characters and was inspired by the intro sequence to Good Omens, created by Peter Anderson Studio, for the cacophony collage feel. Overall I am happy with how the piece turned out, although there are still changes that I would like to make, that I did not get around to getting to work (primarily with the order of layering to get the planets to appear to be moving in in the z axis seamlessly). I was initially working with the composition in a 3d space, however was unable to keep the transparent edges of the imported images from overlapping and covering pieces of the other images. Another element that I am happy with is the process of actually planning out my program ahead of time, to significantly minimize on problems that come up because of decisions not thought out in the beginning of the process.