Our culture is constantly shifted and changed by developments of new technologies, and those technologies build off old 'new' technologies which results in this cycle of remaking and re-creating. The concept of the first word/last word art is a really interesting one to consider, especially in the context of rapidly changing and developing digital technologies that we are in dialogue with today. I think that one of the greatest difficulties in working in something that is technologically novel is that in order for it to age well (I suppose this may be more significant to last word art, but still) is that there needs to exist more than the technology behind it. I am particularly interested in the unclear line between where experimentation and expression meet to create first word art. When it comes to where the difference between a new process and experimentation lies, and where the creation of first word art is drawn, this transition may appear when the voice of the artist is enhanced by the new technology available, but then again once looked at like so, it seems to fall under the umbrella of middle ground towards last word art.