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The overall process for this piece was interesting, and challenging in places that I did not expect it to be. I found that one of the most time consuming pieces was wrapping my head around and  implementing the relationship between the wave loop and the loop combining the separate motions of the boats tilt and flip. Because of how I had implemented the location and multipliers based on frameCount, I found in counting the length of the flip cycle, that reaching a point of repeated looping took two loops to settle into. This took a lot of finagling (and magic numbers) to fix . I was did not implement all of the elements that I initially planned to, and am unhappy that the boat rising motion is abrupt. However, I am very happy with how the waves turned out. I used the 'doubleExponentialSigmoid' ease function to increase their size, and sin relations to 'wave' them. I think it worked nicely, visually relative to the boat, and moving across each other.

Initial Sketches: