lubar – LookingOutwards02

Procedural Lake Village by Anastasia Opara, 2016

This is an image featuring a series of lake houses that have been generated by a procedure "all the way from silhouette to final texturing*"

Seeing this blew my mind, in retrospect it makes sense that in movies and video games objects would have some generative component to their creation, but I had really never considered this to be something that could be done with so much, I suppose, artistry.

These generated houses have such a beautiful, whimsical, and hand touched and imagined form, texture, and feel. Realizing that this kind of world building can take place in a generative programmed structure is eye opening. The algorithm itself likely works as a generative 3D model with specific constraints and elements such as window, door, walls, roof etc that are matched with specific types of (also generated) textures. This all balances the order and disorder beautifully. The creators artistic sensibly comes through in the style of the houses/the constraints and textures and the natural forms that this algorithm follows.

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