Experience footageThe concept for this project was a multiplayer game of jumprope within the browser. The idea was that each player has their own role (jumper, swinger).

In its original concept, the goal was to have the experience be a one-to-two person connection, where two people swing the rope while the third jumps. Due to the limitations of trying to get the physics to work across browsers, the scope has been limited to one-to-one person connections in synchrony. The complementary roles of jumper and swinger would need to be fleshed out if I was to continue working on this sketch. There is a certain power dynamic between being the one swinging the rope and the one jumping. Participants are anonymous, but anonymity does not have a significant impact on the experience. Location is also less important, though due to timing, being in the same room probably makes the experience easier to manage. The project is ultimately trying to explore a novel interaction over wireless connections in browser. Unfortunately, the project is unfinished currently as the logic turned out to be difficult to crack. In order to solve the physics issues, I have the rope swinger using real physics, while the jumper just has points mirroring the swinger. If I were to take this further, I would implement a reward/interaction system for the jump interaction.